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Hey Foodies!
Even though I have stayed in Jammu for good many years, there are still some lesser known, yet very old gems in the city offering quality food at affordable prices. The city of Jammu is a confluence of Dogri, Punjabi, and Kashmiri culture which is more so reflected in the variety of food offered here.
An evidence of this, is the ‘Amritsari Kulche Wala,’ (if its Kulcha, it has to be from Amritsar) serving a variety of stuffed kulchas loaded with a generous amount of butter. They offer Aloo, Paneer, Mixed, Zeera Nan with Jammu style cooked Cholle (not authentic Amritsari ,but nevertheless similiar. )
The thing that made this place stand out for me, was  the ‘flavoured Lassi’ which is one of a kind in Jammu as hardly any places offer . A big glass of chocolate, Kesar, Mango (recommended) Lassi is enough to beat the heat on a terrible summer afternoon.IMG-20180407-WA0002-02IMG_20180407_142945001-01
The Trikuta building complex  at bus stand is like smaller version of the Nehru place in Delhi, offering fulfilling meals and quick service to the passers by.
Where : Amritsari Kulche Wala, Trikuta Building, Bus stand. JAMMU.
Price: Nan with butter 60-80 INR                  Lassi : 40-60 INR
Pros: Proper Parking is unavailable. The sitting area is small and crowded, but kept properly. Worth giving a try.
Tip:  They put generous amount of ‘cholle’ in  every plate. If you are not very fond of them, let the server know before hand to avoid wastage. I am unhappy to admit that I wasted mine because the whole meal got too heavy. 😛
Thankyou and keep hogging. ! 🙂


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