Manthal J&K : The Chicken Paradise


Long drives, good weather and scenic view for all Jammuites is synoymous with one place, The NH44, or Jammu Srinagar Highway, and on this beautiful and well kept road around 45 km from Jammu lies a heaven for non vegetarian foodies. Nestled in the mountains are about 2-3 small dhabas which serve a culinary delight of Chicken, Parent breed chicken ( which is huge) and Desi mutton, served along the road side for the passers by to stop for a good lunch.20161231_152020-01
Though once famous for its ‘Desi or Country Chicken, which is big in size with a hard skin quite like meat, it is being replaced with parent breed chicken which is only similiar in size and taste, but not that organic.
On one side of the road is a huge temple of goddess kali which has devotees coming in from all over the state. The road is well maintained, safe and crowded with many cars, and tourist buses stopping by to get a taste of some authentic cuisine with locally sourced in resources. These include:
1. Broiler Tandoori Chicken: If there is anything better than tandoori chicken, it is an actual village side tandoori chicken cooked to perfection on an open tandoor with a charcoal grilled taste with hand grounded turmeric and minimal spices that was succulent with a taste distinct from the usual restaurant style tandoori chicken. The radish and red chilli chutney accompanying every meal is also full of taste and slightly spicy.
Price: 160INR for half plate.

Chicken Curry
Classic chutney

2. Chicken Curry: The Indian chicken curry is a delight and tastes even better when served piping hot with tandoori roti’s. The curry is a flavourful with just the right amount of spices and oil. The quantity in a plate is sufficient and it is a complete value for money. I prefer the one with the smaller chicken, but the option of the bigger one is too available.
Price: 200 INR per plate
3. Meat Curry: The dhabas on the right side of the road towards Udhampur serve only chicken,while the one on the left serve mutton. You can choose sitting on either of the side and ask the owners or helpers to arrange that for you from the opposite place. The mutton curry is a must try and highly recommended . The meat is tender and will melt in the mouth . They follow their own method of cooking and the flavours are wonderfully blended in the whole dish. All of these places serve Jhatka . Coldrinks and packed water bottles are available there.
Price : 200INR per plate
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