Our day at Bal- Gran Jammu : A charitable trust for children.

Children are gift of god but also the most vulnerable section of the society. We went to this place as a part of our work initiative on Human rights day with VIRASAT (NGO) and Childline, but we came back with lots of memories.

In the brief time that we got to spend with them, the kids taught us a lot more than what we had learnt in classrooms. They taught us how to smile unconditionally , how confidence is all about mastering one’s own self and saying ‘Thankyou’ more often.

After decorating the halls we went about talking to the kids about what they learn in school, their hobbies and interests. The day ended on a happy note with some Honey Singh’s songs being sung in loud chorus.

About the Home & School

The home houses around 122 children out of which 30 are girls and the remaining are boys. It provides all boarding and lodging facilities to the students with 3 meals a day. The school has classes from 1-10th standard.The home also covers costs of the stationary,education and other amenities through donations.

How/what to donate.

The best way to donate in any home is to ask the managing authorities about the home’s requirements. It can be in both cash and kind. All donations are duly accounted for and a receipt is issued. You can take any food item too but then it is always better to utilise your money rationally,spending on little basic amenities that these kids need on a regular basis. You will also need to make a call before visiting the house.


∆ A life time meal for a child costs 25000 INR. Consider donating this amount on any happy occasion for a child’s bright future.

∆ The name of all donaters above 2000INR are acknowledged in the ‘Balgran’ annual magazine.

Items that can be donated:

Fruits & vegetables, cereals, grains, bakery,biscuits.

Sanitary: Toothpaste,brushes,sanitary napkins, buckets, soaps,shampoos etc.

Hardware and construction: Fittings and fixtures.

Contact: 0191 246 1982

Location: Channi rama, jammu ( near RTO office) behind wave mall lane.

Additional: The bal gran has an adjoining CARE home for the mentally challenged which lacks in basic amenties and can make use of all kinds of donations in cash and kind.

The views expressed our the writers own.

Special Mention: Virasat NGO and Childline Jammu and Professors of University of Jammu.

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