Best places to eat in Jammu: Part 1.

In India, every state has a charming old town with narrow lanes ,cluttered shops and bustling life. Here people still stop to meet and greet the familiar old faces and share a laugh or two. They also have famous old shops that are maintaining their quality since time immemorial. They also serve the best food that has a homely touch to it.
The old city chownk of Jammu ( also called as Old heritage city) is one such place. Here we list some of the best places to eat in Jammu that all food lovers need to try


1. Gulab Jamun at Bansi di hatti:

Nothing seems better than a hot and soft gulab jamun after a perfectly happy shopping spree. The place known as Bansi di hatti is an old shop in the bylanes of the old town that serves delectable food items. The gulab jamun maybe a little too sweet but is still one of the best.Other things you can buy are packed Mathi’s and snacks.
Price: 20INR

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Gulab Jamun at bansi di hatti jammu

2.Kimb/ kachalu

Kimb is a citrus fruit that is mixed with spicy chillies , mint, coriander and brownsugar . Kachalu is Colocasia roots. In winters these street eats can be found in all corners of the old town. However, Pacca danga & Fattu ki chaukan are two of the best places to eat. They make fresh batches after every 2 hours and donot use any artificial coloring.
Price: INR 20

3. Paneer Momos & Chinese at Casino Restaurant

The Casino restaurant offers great varieties of Desi chinese, South Indian, and Indian chats. The service is quick and the prices are really affordable . It is also one of the lesser known places in Jammu which serves good paneer momos, and dosa. The place also serves lip smacking chats & KAlari Kulchas.

Casino restaurant , jammu

Location: Opposite Hanuman Mandir, Purani Mandi Jammu.

Price: INR 80-180

4. Kalari and Channe wala kulcha at Ramesh chat house, Pacca danga

This small joint is commonly packed with college going students in the wee hours of weekdays. The great service and authentic taste rightfully makes it to the go-to place for a quick bite. It also serves authentic Desi kalari Kulcha ( Mozellera cheese), Tikki , Chat papdi and Channe Kulche all priced below 50 INR.

Place: Near Mahalakshmi Mandir. Pacca Danga, Jammu.

5. Home- like food at Navhe sheher da dhabba , Pacca Danga.

A 100 year old family-run shop that serves home cooked meals loaded with generous amount of ghee is a gem of the old city. in addition, the dhaba runs in a small rented shop that only serves lunch. It is basically known for its traditional methods of cooking using wooden fire or charcoal and a special pot made of 7 metals.

Location: Near Mahalakshmi mandir, Pacca danga, Jammu

6. Amritsari Kulche Wala, Bus Stand

One of the few places that serve authentic Cholle Kulchas in several varieties like aloo, paneer, zeera and plain is a must try. Furthermore It also serves refreshing lassi’s in different flavours such as chocolate and mango that are unique to the city. Read more about this place at Amritsari Kulche Wala, Jammu   

Place: Inside Trikuta Complex, Bus stand, Jammu.

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