Ayurvedic Beauty products: Blue Nectar Ayurveda : Jasmine infused Vitamin D oil Review

Blue Nectar Balalakshadi Jasmine infused vitamin D oil opens pores and helps in absorption of Vitamin D containing 8 vital herbs .This Ayurvedic oil is an excellent elixir.Hedonistic aroma reduces stress, improves vitality, detoxifies body and improves blood circulation.

Jasmine infused Vitamin D massage oil

Review: My experience with the blue nectar contemporary Ayurveda Balalakshadi Jasmine vitamin D massage oil has been extremely good. I really like ayurvedic products and I would like to compliment the brand for using ingredients that are not only completely natural but also extremely beneficial for your skin. I usually feel overwhelmed whenever I read the ingredients at the back of any body lotion but this time I knew most of them and it was suprisingly reassuring. It contains sesame oil, Bala, Daru haldi, milk, sendha Namak(as base), Jasmine, Sunflower oil and almond oil.It comes in a beautiful,blue colored plastic bottle which makes it travel friendly. I once used this oil when I had some shoulder pain because of a workout injury and I’m happy to report that the next day I did not feel any pain at all.
Regular use of this oil claims to improve vitality and Vitamin D absorption. It has a light and sweet Jasmine scent to it which relaxes you when you apply it on your body. The oil is light and non-sticky amd gets absorbed in your skin easily. This is also a good product to use if you are suffering from rheumatism and have weak bones. So, I really liked this product and I am looking forward to using more products from this brand.

Price: It retails for 495 rupees for 100ml of product but I purchased it from Flipkart for 395 rupees. If you are somebody who likes using massage oils then you should definitely give this one a try.

Directions : Gently massage lukewarm oil on your whole body and leave for 30 to 45 minutes for nutrients to absorb.

Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine : This is not a cosmetic product and has therapeutic properties.
We give four out of five.
Definitely recommended.

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