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About Product- “Crafted with passion, skill, fresh ingredients and skin expertise” After all in life, all you need is Love, Moisture on your skin and Good Vibes!

Good vibes products from purplle
good vibes India Lotion

This was our first time using Good vibes products. We ordered two of them from Purplle a shower gel and a body lotion and have to say that these perform very well for the price at which they are sold.

The Good vibes Peach nourishing lotion comes in a cute bottle with a dispenser and the packaging seems to be sturdy. It has a mild peach smell and a moderately runny consistency. It is especially recommended for oily skin but suited our dry skin just fine. The lotion is a good option for summers- lightweight and gets easily absored into the skin. The affordable price tag is cherry on the top since we tend to go through body lotions pretty quickly.

But what about the ingredients?

The product is great but going through the ingredients list, we found a somewhat questionable ingredient 2-phenoxyethanol which is used a stabilizer instead of parabens. It is one ingredient you should know about.

About 2-phenoxyethanol: This a common ingredient that is present in loads of products that we use from perfumes to creams .Some studies have linked it to certain skin diseases and central nervous disorders. You can read about it from this article that states the possible health concerns of phenoxyethanol .

Even though it does not generally cause harm to majority of people, lactating mothers and infants and people with eczema should avoid using it. We believe in giving you all the information so that you can choose what is best for you. Personally, we didn’t mind using it but we still prefer to go for all natural oils for hydrating the skin.
We give it a 3/5.

Price- Rs. 195 ( We bought it for Rs.120 from purplle
Purpllethat offers some great discounts .

Quantity- 200 ml. No Parabens.

If you enjoyed this read and are looking out for more product options that are not just paraben free but also cruelty free. We have also compiled a list for the same of Cruelty free makeup brands that you need to try.

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