Maybelline superstay Ink Matte cost and Review

The Maybelline superstay ink Matte lipstick is a disappointing product from Maybelline.
I purchased this lipstick after seeing various promotional posts on Instagram.I had seen a lot of beauty bloggers rave about this product but the reality is that these lipsticks are just not worth it.
The applicator is a dupe of the ones used in smashbox liquid lipsticks but if you have thin lips you will find it difficult to trace the lipshape with this one. The application is a bit patchy for the shade bought by me ‘Pioneer’, which is a beautiful blood red colour.After application the lip stick feels sticky and is not very comfortable on the lips.It is not transfer proof and wears off from the middle of your lipsgiving you butt-hole lips which is not a attractive at all. The rest of the lipstick stays on your lips for a very long time but it fades away after meals unevenly.You definitely need a makeup remover(and good muscular strength) to remove it completely from your lips.I did not like this lipstick at all.I feel like the NYbaelipstick which I bought Purplle for just hundred rupees is far better in comparison with the Maybelline one which retails for for 650 Rupees. The only good thing about this lipstick is the shade ( blue toned red) but you can definitely find better liquid lipsticks for cheaper rates.Give this one a skip. We give 2/5

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