Best affordable Makeup Primers: Top rated products

Affordable make up is totally under rated , yet it is what most of us wear on a daily basis. It doesn’t hurt the pocket and looks just as good as high end stuff. With all the options out there in the market, looking good on a budget is easier than ever. There is no need to compromise on the quality either because most of the brands are reputed and the quality is really good. These are some of the Best affordable Makeup Primers and Top rated products that you need to try!


1. Aloe Vera Gel

Great for everyday use because it can smoothen that skin out and provide a sticky base for your makeup without any side effects. I use Patanjali’s but Lakme also does a version and both are good. However, Patanjali & Aroma Magic gel is more affordable out of the two and can be used in variety of ways.

You can purchase “>here

2. Wet and Wild Photo Focus Dewy Primers

I am all about the dewy look and that is why I love this product because it gives you a nice glow when you wear it under your base. Great for dry skin beauties.

You can purchase the Wet and Wild Photo Focus Dewy Primers from Nykaa

3. Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Blur Primer

This is a great primer for those special occasions when you want all your pores to be gone and have your make up stay put. It is a mattifying primer and is a great option for oily skin beauties who want to control the shine on their face. Go for it without hesitation. Hassle free product.

Price of this product: 650INR

You can purchase the it from here

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