About Us

The Karavan Life  is an amalgamation of our names – Kartika and Avantika, as well as an amalgamation of our interests- that of research and entertainment. We oscillate between our profession as research scholars and writing about things that satisfy our creative sides, always trying to achieve a healthy balance of two different worlds. Born to two lovely and spirited people who are always high on life, we have inherited their love for all the finer things in life. We dwell in beauty, art and culture as much as we dwell in law and commerce. Backed by strong values that our education has instilled in us, we  hope to put out a holistic perspective on things rather than just mindless influencing. Join us on our journey as we navigate through this expansive world of social media and give our two cents about the things we love- food, fashion, beauty, travel and research


Born and Brought up in Jammu , I am pursuing my PhD in Law and I always   try to make it sound more glamorous than it really is. I am an obsessive researcher and would have made a great detective in some other parallel universe. A Taurus ascendant, ruled by the planet of Venus, I love everything that adds beauty to the world- be it art, fashion, or even a lipstick . Since I can’t talk about the pros and cons of beauty blenders and liquid lipsticks in my classroom, The Karavan Life shall have to do.


A Delhi university Graduate, and a Management Research scholar who has always loved the idea of coming back to the city of temples. I often find my solace in quotes, music and friends. A great part of my  free time is spent looking for exotic food places, watching Mark Wiens youtube channel and reading about inspirational startups. I am as zealous about social entrepreneurship and Digital marketing as much as I am crazy about handwoven crafts and pretty ensembles. The passion for food, travel and business and the need to cater to all these together under one name gave way to The Karavan Life A blog from Jammu  to the world.

Hope you enjoy this journey with us!